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Certified Professional Bed Bug Exterminator for your Residential and Commercial Office

If you have a bed bug problem, do not wait to get help. We are a New York City-based extermination company that specializes in treating all kinds of pests, including those that bite. Leave it to us to take care of your pest problems both inside and outside your home or place of business.

Based on our experience, the best way to effectively eliminate a bed bug infestation is by performing a complete inspection and treatment procedure. The first step is to schedule an appointment where one of our experienced inspectors will come to your home or office and perform a thorough inspection.

Causes of Bedbug Infestation

Most bed bug infestations occur in public places such as movie theaters, libraries, and offices. Bed bugs can also come from household pests like bats, birds, or even opossums living in the attic or chimney. Bed bug inspection is one of our specialties. 

These bugs are generally transported via luggage, furniture, and clothing. Bed bugs do not discriminate and will attach themselves to any person, regardless of their age or background. Do not let your child live in a home with an existing bed bug infestation. Family members and friends can also bring bed bugs into homes. They traveled recently and brought the pests back as a “gift” for those living at the residence.

Bed bug infestation is more common than you think. It is important not to become complacent about them. These bugs can take as little as 10 days from the time a person gets bitten for an infestation to occur.

Joroba Pest Corp. Bed Bug Identification and Removal Process

Familiarize yourself with our steps for spotting bed bugs and making them disappear. 


Bed bugs can get difficult to spot because these tiny creatures are nocturnal and remain under the covers during the day. On the other hand, their bites are very distinct. Our bed bug dog inspection team will come in and go around your home for active signs of bed bugs. These include conditions that allow them to thrive such as warm temperatures and body heat. This is why you must seek a professional for extensive knowledge about how bedbugs tend to live and multiply.


Once our bed bug inspector confirms that your home or office has bedbugs, we will now move to the preparation phase. Bed bugs are hardy insects and these pests love to hide in crevices and cracks. These spread quickly so you will need to prepare ahead of time before treatment begins.


Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Method is Stressful & Difficult

We will not recommend DIY bed bug treatment because it is very stressful and difficult. Bed bugs are resilient creatures that can survive for months without food. These also reproduce fast leaving no room for mistakes in the extermination process. If you do decide to attempt DIY bed bug pest control, then expect to see more of them later on. Bed bug treatment is only for us to handle since we have the necessary tools and experience.

Follow Up

We offer a no-cost follow-up visit to ensure that the bed bug treatment was 100% effective. And we’ll provide additional treatments if necessary.


JOROBA PEST CORP. offers the best bed bug warranty in New York . Our full one-year warranty means that if you are not 100% bed bug free, we will return as many times as it takes—at no extra charge to you. We can offer this extraordinary warranty because our methodology is proven to be fast, effective, and safe.


Why Work with a Professional Bed Bug Removal Company?

Only professionals like JOROBA PEST CORP.  who have extensive knowledge about the biology, preferred hiding spots, and reproductive cycle of bed bugs can remove them properly. We use safe yet effective control solutions.  

Bed bug extermination is only one of the many services we offer. We can provide you with a list of other pest control solutions like termites, ants, roaches, and rodents that may exist in your area. These bugs reproduce fast that is why it is important to contact us for help right away. This is in case you suspect any signs of bed bugs.

Call us for a FREE consultation: (5169) 787-6496

We get over 100 bed bug calls each month, which means that the bed bug problem in the tri-state area keeps increasing.

If you suspect you have bed bugs, it’s important to act fast. You need to strike while the bed bug population is small—before it explodes.

As a bed bug exterminator company, JOROBA PEST CORP.  years of successfully ridding homes and businesses of bed bugs. Our effective bed bug treatment is a three-step process:


Bed bugs can't hide from our specially trained bed bug dogs!

Bed bug detection dogs are rock stars! They are trained to sniff out even the most well-hidden bed bugs including eggs, and they specialize at detecting bed bugs where humans can’t find them.

Bed bug detection dogs locate bed bugs with 98% accuracy, not just around the bed, but in all the tiny cracks and crevices where bed bugs love to hide. This lets our technicians target specific bed bug locations, use less pesticide (safer for your family and pets), and eliminate bed bug populations with laser-like precision.

Why are bed bug detection dogs so effective at bed bug inspections?

A dog’s sense of smell is nothing short of extraordinary: Scientists say it’s 10,000-100,000 times better than a human’s sense of smell. Bed bugs simply don’t stand a chance when our dogs are around!

Dogs can sniff out adult bed bugs as well as nymphs and eggs. They easily detect bed bugs that humans simply can’t see. So, once we know where the pests are hiding and we apply our treatment, the entire population is killed—no matter how well those bugs tried to be invisible. We’ll get more than just those adult bed bugs spotted on your furniture.


Safe and Effective Chemicals

We believe in using the best products and methods in order to deliver the best results.

The best bed bug solution is the one that kills them—not just repels them. Repellents send bed bugs scattering, but that virtually guarantees that when the repellent wears off, the bed bugs will return.

JOROBA PEST CORP. only uses safe, non-repellent chemicals and industrial-strength steam to kill bed bugs without spreading them. As part of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, we use a combination of steam, HEPA vacuum, and the safest, greenest approach to stop bed bugs dead. And we guarantee our work 100%!

Bed Bug Facts

Adult bed bugs are about ¼ inch long, with reddish-brown, flattened oval bodies. The imm

ature nymphs resemble adults, but are smaller and lighter in color. Bed bugs feed on blood. They only feed at night and hide in daylight, making them tough to spot—and easy to bring home from travels, as they may hide in suitcases or clothing.

Since adult bed bugs can survive almost five months without feeding, it’s vital to thoroughly eliminate all adults, nymphs, and eggs to prevent reinfestation. Our industrial-strength steam machines are highly effective at killing bed bugs that are lying dormant in tiny cracks and crevices, not just the bed bugs that are actively feeding or in search of a meal.

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