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Squirrels Go from Cute to Annoying in the Blink of an Eye

Squirrels can be cute in their own way as they scurry around trees and dig for nuts and seeds, but that cuteness dies when they start invading your home. Common areas of the home that squirrels seem to favor for nesting include attics, chimneys, roofs, and even basements. Squirrels can chew through wires and will destroy wood components with their incessant gnawing.  The biggest things squirrels are attracted to are food and water. Once they locate such a food source, they will find a nesting place nearby, which unfortunately is often your home. If you need NEW YORK, squirrel removal services or are looking for a good squirrel exterminator, then our team at JOROBA PEST CORP. is here to help.

Common squirrel problems

• Noises caused by the scampering and gnawing

• Damage to wooden structures of the home

•  Chewed electrical wiring and connectors

•  Structural damage that weakens supports

•  Disease transmittance from feces and dead animals

•  Odors and stains from feces and urine

•  Mold and fungus growth due to nesting materials



Squirrels and compromise your health

Squirrels can damage your home and have a negative impact on your health. They carry diseases, and they can make you sick. They aggravate allergies and breathing disorders and can make your pets sick as well. Using good squirrel control methods is the best way to avoid these problems from the very start, but when you need to get rid of an infestation, we are here to help!  With  years of experience in animal control, our team can get the job done. We specialize in wildlife control and can help you take care of your squirrel problems quickly, easily, and affordably. Contact us if you need skunk removal in NASSAU OR SUFFULK COUNTY.


Contact us to learn more about our squirrel and skunk control services in and around NEW YORK, QUEENS, BROKLYN, AND LONG ISLAND

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