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When to Call an NYC Ant Exterminator

We use effective methods in removing ant colonies that stay in your homes, structures, and other areas where ant infestation is a problem. Ants have the recognition as the most difficult pests to control. They establish multiple ant nests and ant trails often. Our service requires ant identification and complete removal of this tiny creature. We prevent ant problems in the future.

Familiarize yourself with some instances wherein it is best to seek our service.

Food Contamination

When food contamination is present, act on it right away! Despite their miniature sizes, ants are dangerous since they can transfer germs from one place to another through their trails or scents. They might enter packed foods and contaminate them with droppings, dirt, eggs, and saliva.

They Bite Humans

Ants are dangerous because they can bite human beings. These cause red bumps and rashes around the affected area.

Property Damage

Repairing damages is also an ant’s duty. Its infestations can cause property damage by ruining wood, bookshelves, and wallpaper. Ants may bite electric wires which cause an electrical fire or shock when exposed to water. They can cause severe damage to structures without control.

Nesting of Ants

Ant nests also pose a threat to human life as they harbor respiratory diseases and other harmful germs. Ants residing inside the walls may harm humans through hypersensitivity or allergic reactions from their feces, cast skins, or body parts that fall into the crevices of the house.

Ant Treatment & Extermination Services

Our ant control and extermination services treatment begin with a thorough inspection. We carefully look for ant nests or colonies to determine the best treatment plan. An ant infestation can exist in one colony, many colonies, or several ones within your property.

Ant Control Method

We use effective treatments that are safe for people and pets of all ages. There is an implementation of a careful process to guarantee satisfaction with our services.

Baiting Ants

The sweet smell attracts ants which is why they often follow sugar trails. Ant traps are available in the form of gels filled with different types of bait which ants enjoy eating. This method kills worker ants that come into contact with this gel.

Common Nuisance Ants We Exterminate

Ants in their little forms belong to several types. Here are the ones we handle:

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are among the most destructive. Like termites, these insects feed on wooden structures like wood in your house or fence. They make nests inside rotting trees or branches. These creatures build tunnels and chambers under the surface of the wood which weakens its structure until it collapses.

Odorous House Ants

Odorous ants build their nests under stones and wood. They establish well-defined trails to find the location of food and water sources.

Black Pavement Ants

Black ants establish their nests inside sidewalks, driveways, and cracks of your property. They feed on insect or decaying animals after following these trails they create.

Ghost Ants

Ghost Ants make their nests in walls, floors, and baseboards. They are attracted to sweet food sources which is why they follow sugar trails.

Pharaoh Ants

These tiny ants are well-adapted to human-made surroundings such as buildings and houses. Different areas like agricultural fields, lawns, and forests are their origins. Sand or soil is their home which is why they infest sand or woodpiles.

Fire Ants

The reputation of fire ants is as the most aggressive in New York City. They cause painful stings and body rashes.

All About Ants - Small Things Can Cause Big Problems

Ant infestations can cause more than just property damage. Ants bring various bacteria and germs which are dangerous to human beings. These creatures bite humans, contaminate food supplies, and destroy wood structures among other things.

Ants also pose a health risk through the allergens present in their saliva or droppings. Ant trails produce sweet smells which is why they follow them easily. These creatures communicate with one another using chemicals that create strong scents even when there is no food source nearby.

A house can turn haunted through ants at any moment. This is because of excessive humidity or unhygienic surroundings that provide perfect locations for nests that these insects go to often. Ants multiply quickly and they invade human spaces. This is why you need to take them out before their population keeps growing.

Ant control poses a challenge with some species like carpenter ants. It takes months or years before extermination turns successful. Ant colonies inside your house can also expand which puts you at risk of greater infestations in the future. Ants follow trails to establish new colonies which is why they keep multiplying unless you interfere with their plans.

Why Choose Us to Handle Your Ant Problem?

Of your options for ant control and extermination, we give you some valuable reasons for coming to us.

Commercial Facilities Ant Removal

We offer commercial and industrial services for ant removal and extermination. Ant infestation arises from the many items we use at work such as food, paper towels, and cup noodles to name a few. Ants find them attractive when they can smell their food sources in these areas.

Multi-Unit Apartment or Residential Ant Control

Likewise, we provide services in removing ants from multi-unit apartment buildings and residential homes. Ants crawl through various holes and gaps to infest your household. Their trails are visible in shared areas like the dishwasher, kitchen sink, and garbage disposal. This is why they go to these places easily.

Locally Owned & Operated

Our ant services are local to New York City. We are proud of the fact that we mark ourselves as one of your neighbors in our service approach. An ant infestation can happen anywhere and at any time. Ants like to build nests in cracks and crevices which appear in any household or business premise.

Fully Licensed & Insured

JOROB PEST CORP are fully licensed and insured to handle ant control and extermination. It is our pride that we always aim for excellence in our work. Ants can cause serious damage to your household or business. In this regard, it is best to call us immediately before they get out of hand.

Local Ant Exterminators

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