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Bird Control

Birds might seem like harmless creatures that fly high above many of the problems and stresses that humans face on a daily basis, however, they are not. Birds are not good nuisance animals to have around homes, businesses, or other buildings for a variety of reasons. Continue reading to learn more about birds and how you can get rid of them as soon as possible.

What problems do birds cause?

         One of the worst offenses birds can make is their ability to spread diseases to humans and pets in a variety of ways. Birds of many different species have been found to carry over 50 diseases at one time, each of them being harmful to humans in varying degrees of severity. 

         While the health risks associated with birds are high, the damage risk is as well. When birds get inside your home or other buildings, they can cause a variety of problems. Many times, they will build nests in or near HVAC systems for the warmth given off. Sometimes this warmth can become too much, and the nests will catch on fire, causing serious fire risks for your home or business. In the same way, birds can also build nests in chimneys and cause fires that could potentially bring your house to the ground. As can be seen, birds are not to be trifled with and should be removed as soon as possible.

 How can I remove birds?

         Birds are not simple pest animals to remove as many people think. In fact, it can often be more difficult to remove birds than many of the other common nuisance animals. This is because of their ability to fly. Once a bird wants to escape from being removed, it will simply fly away. This is why it is important to find a bird’s nest as soon as possible and remove it from your home. These bird nests are host to bird mites that can get into your home. The hardest part about removing bird nests is locating them. Oftentimes, you will remove the mother bird and the babies will be left to die slow, painful deaths and cause terrible odors in your home. In addition, many bird species are covered under law, so there can be potential legal ramifications to trying to remove birds on your own. 


         Here at New York Wildlife & Pest Control, our experts have dealt with hundreds of pest encounters, both big and small, and each has contributed to the vast knowledge and experience of our team members. Our JOROBA PEST CORP. experts will search your home thoroughly, looking for any bird nests. These bird nests will be removed, and our experts will recommend and perform any extra steps necessary to end your problems with birds. Here at Joroba Pest Corp, our focus is fixed primarily on serving the client at the lowest possible price, as well as treating all animals with the utmost humane treatment. If you have problems with birds, give us a call here at JOROBA PEST & WILDLIFE CORP.!

How to Keep Pigeons Out Of The Roof

At first glance, pigeons may seem like very adorable creatures. But when you have them roosting on your roof and messing up your property, then they don’t look so adorable anymore. Pigeons can be really messy, they have even been described as “rats with wings.” Yes, that’s how bad they can be. And if you happen to have these unpleasant birds on your roof, then you do have a real problem. 

Besides their tendency to litter the roof, ledges, window sills, and lawn with messy bird droppings, they can also get very noisy and disturb the peace at home. But that shouldn’t be your only concern because pigeons are also destructive, because dropping the pile up on the roof can eat into the wood and cause some significant structural damage that will cost a lot to fix. 

Pigeons on your roof are certainly bad news, but we are here to help. Continue reading to find out how you can get them to leave.

Step 1: Get rid of obvious food and water sources

The first step to ensure that pigeons don’t make our home their home is by ensuring that you remove any obvious food or water sources that these birds may find attractive. If you like to feed birds and keep bird feeders around your property, then you will have to get rid of them. Because, your good intentions will be taken advantage of by pigeons, and they will create an unsightly mess. 

Also, if you have a vegetable garden with lush vegetables and blooming fruits, berries, and nuts, these will also attract pigeons to your property, and they may end up on your roof. To keep pigeons away from your roof, make sure that you get rid of obvious food or water sources. This is only a preventive method and if pigeons have already established themselves on your roof, you can’t get them to leave simply by getting rid of water and food. 

Step 2: Scare them away

If you have pigeons on your roof, you can try to get them to leave by using different scare-pigeon techniques. For instance, you can try to install a fake large owl, hawk, or falcon on your roof, because these are birds that prey on pigeons, their presence on your roof may be enough to scare pigeons away. 

Installing fake birds to scare pigeons is only a temporary solution, and the pigeons usually come back when they realize that the bird is fake and poses no real threat. 

Another option for scaring away from your roof is by putting reflective tapes or installing reflective surfaces. This technique is effective because when the sun hits the surfaces, the rays are reflected, which interferes with the eyesight of pigeons. 

Lastly, you can install sloped sheathing on ledges and other flat parts of your roof where these birds like to perch, the slope will make it impossible for them to perch and stay there. And if they can’t stay there, they will eventually stop coming around.

Step 3: Install bird spikes or netting

If you have tried to scare pigeons in the past with fake predators and reflective tapes,  but didn’t succeed in getting them to leave. Then, it may be time for you to take your pigeon-repelling game up a notch. Installing bird spikes or netting are proven ways to prevent pigeons from roosting on the roof. 

Anti-perching pigeon spikes placed on ledges and other parts of the roof will certainly prevent pigeons because the birds cannot perch on spikes, so they will hover above it and eventually fly away. Bird netting also does a good job of preventing pigeons, since these birds don’t like to roost on chicken mesh wire. 

Although these techniques are surefire ways to keep pigeons out of your roof, they do have a couple of drawbacks. First, spikes or bird netting on the roof doesn’t look so attractive and secondly, they can be expensive to install and do need some maintenance. But the trade-off is certainly worth it because it means no more pigeons on your roof.  

Pigeons on your roof? Let’s get rid of them!

If you’re battling with annoying pigeons messing up your property, call us today to get rid of them. At JOROBA PEST CORP. our team of wildlife control experts has dealt with hundreds of stubborn birds and has gained tremendous amounts of experience in the process. We will not only remove any stubborn pigeons disturbing you, but we will also get them to stay away.

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