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Our potent services for pest control are administered by a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable technicians who know how to protect your property. Contact us today to learn about our long-lasting and affordable services.

We have the best methods to catch and exterminate rodents, contact us and enjoy the best and fastest service.

In Joroba Corp, we provide an array of services designed to safeguard your home and businesses against bed bugs.

Whether you’re dealing with a few bed bugs or your property has been completely overrun, we’ll eradicate them completely and prevent them from returning.


Once we determine the nature of the problem, we may set live traps to be maintained within 24 hours according to state laws, humanely trap the nuisance wildlife remove them from your premises and relocate them if possible. We also offer long term solutions for nuisance animal control & wildlife management, which we will go over with you during and after the inspection. We follow very strict guidelines with all the work that we provide, set forth by the NEW YORK Fish and Wildlife Conservation Department Our skilled wildlife removal experts use humane capture methods, and skilled techniques to ensure the job is done correctly and ethical. we are a proud member of NWCOA National Wildlife Control Operators Association, as well as certified through the NEW YORK department of agriculture.

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